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Welcome to Family Church

March 2017
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Welcome to unapologetically family-focused church, where families come to life in Jesus!

What is "Family Church"? It means we care deeply about being a place where every single person is involved and engaged, growing and thriving, welcomed and loved. From the moment the service begins, you will know you are in a special place. From the music we sing, to the games we play, to the storytelling that is part of every service, you can't miss the value we place on making Family Church a place for all ages to grow!

Whenever our children are present, we take special care they understand everything that is happening in church. We know they have bright minds and huge hearts! Everyone deserves to learn in a way that is easy to understand and make sense of, no matter how young or old. Some of our greatest conversations begin with an excellent question from a growing, curious mind!

We also teach the whole Bible to the whole church. We believe deeply in the power of the Word to make our lives more meaningful, and to fill us to the brim with wisdom, inspiration and eternal purpose. We tackle the difficult parts together, and celebrate the Good News together too!

We are a home for every type of family, and a family for every person. No matter what your background, experience, history or story, you are welcome here.

On this website you will find all kinds of information, including a way to watch the service from home on our YouTube channel. However, the very best way to get to know us is to spend Sunday morning with us. So why don't you join us this Sunday at 10:30 am and discover what makes Family Church such a special place!

What happens on Sundays?

Sundays are the best day of the week at Family Church!

We gather at 10:30 am (unless it's a breakfast week, in which case we arrive at 10 am). The beginning of the service is Family time. That means everything we do during this time is meant to be heard, understood and enjoyed by all ages. We sing songs that are geared to the whole family, and include activities that engage every type of learning. We pray in easy to understand language. And ... we have fun!

We always have a game that the whole congregation plays together. Some games are easy, others are harder, but they are always fun and get the whole family laughing and thinking together about the theme for the morning.

Once the theme is revealed, the kids answers a question based around that theme by writing or drawing a picture. We take all the questions up together as a congregation, and enjoy their answers together. Then we teach everyone a story from the Bible that relates to the theme, using beautifully illustrated drawings and engaging music. Here is an example of one of our videos. This one gives an overview of the whole story.

After the story, the kids leave for a time of Exploring the theme through crafts and activities in a safe and fun environment. Meanwhile, the adults top up their coffee or tea, and sit down for a teaching time of their own.

Finally, we end the service together with another Family song, and share a special time of family blessing together.

We hope you will come and join us this Sunday at 10:30 am to experience our service in person. We promise you will feel welcome, and you will be glad you came!

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